The popularity of non-GMO cookies continues at pace, as more companies get on board with healthier foods and snacks.

However, if you’re trying to cut out the chemicals in your diet, it helps to pay close attention not only to the labels on your food but to the companies that are manufacturing them.

Non-GMO sleuths, this is for you!

What Airline Has The Best Food? A New Survey Ranks The Food Options On 12 Airlines Just In Time For All Your Holiday Travel

Bustle has a great ranking of the food options that different airlines offer customers, and it turns out that Delta comes out on top thanks to their range of healthy options.

Delta is the only company in the sky to offer a ‘non-GMO snack box’ that contains cookies, chocolate, hummus and dried fruit (along with a bunch of other choices) for less than $10.

In addition, Delta has recently announced that they will serve This Bar Saves Lives, a non-GMO granola bar that donates profits from sales to children in need around the world. Friendly skies, indeed!

Why Consumers Prefer Artisan Over Big Box Brands

The HuffPost takes a look at the growing trend in artisanal, clean food along with the motivation that drives consumers to choose smaller brands over large multinationals.

With more people paying attention not only to the nutritional value of their food but also the origin of the ingredients, the demand for non-GMO and minimally processed foods is growing enormously.

Because of this trend, more companies are making non-GMO cookies using pulses, which come from lentils, fava beans and chickpeas. They really are the magical fruit!

The Great “Non-GMO” Deception: How To Sell Politically Correct Chocolate Chip Cookies

Forbes looks at the companies behind non-GMO cookies to see whether their healthy labels reflect their ethics.

It turns out that some companies may sell non-GMO foods, but the company itself doesn’t stand by that commitment. So, while Dean Foods’ ‘TruMoo’ milk might be non-GMO, the company writes on its website that they believe GMO ingredients are safe.

When you decide to make the switch to a non-GMO household, be aware that some companies may not share your beliefs, even though they might still want to grab your share of the market.

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