Healthy snacks are central to the news this week, with stories from around the web about their growing popularity.

As the year draws to a close, there’s a lot of great news for healthy eats, and plenty more forecast for 2018!

Snacks — especially healthy ones — are seeing more growth

Food Dive looks at the sales numbers for the past year, where the snacking category has reached $33 billion in US sales.

Among the fastest growing segments of this market are healthy snacks, with huge upticks in sales of non-GMO products, reduced sugar snacks, and foods free from artificial flavors.

The growth of the snack market is also changing the way we eat other foods: for example, almost half of cereal consumers use it as a between meals snack, rather than solely for breakfast.

See, you’re not alone!

Nutritionist Approved Snacks to Stock up on for the Holidays

Today knows that snacking can sneak up on you over the holidays, and is here with a list of healthy options for you to avoid overdoing it.

Bonnie Taub-Dix, a nutritionist and blogger, has a list of seven different snack foods that you can take anywhere, and which will help curb cravings.

Her list includes products like KIND bars and Barney Butter along with a few other tasty treats.

And of course, there’s hummus!

Late Night Snacks That Are Actually Good for You

The Cheat Sheet also looks at healthy snacks to curb cravings but they focus particularly on the best snacks for a late night bite.

Snacking at night can be dangerous and especially if you’re watching your diet, it can really throw off your rhythm.

Suggestions from nuts to bananas to avocado toast help you satisfy your sweet (or salty) tooth and are still light enough to let you get back to sleep.

How to Stay Healthy when you’re Stressed at Work

Fast Company talks about that other trigger for unhealthy snacking, work-related stress. Particularly as the end of the year approaches, holiday plans and work deadlines can combine to weigh us down.

Unsurprisingly, nutrition is often the first casualty to a stressed out person. But there are some concrete steps to take that can stop you from falling off the health wagon and keep you feeling good even in the most hectic times.

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