Holiday traditions are pretty sacred around the world and for many people, they’re the most important part of any celebration. Almond cookies can be found on lots of different holiday menus and sometimes, they’re even used as decoration. So, as you’re rolling out sheets of dough with your loved ones this season, the same thing might be taking place in kitchens around the world!

The Holiday Cookie Decorating Guide

Food & Wine has a handy guide for any holiday baker with lots of recipes, tips and tools that you’ll need to fill the table with treats.

They’ve got a recipe for lime scented almond cookies along with tons of techniques for decorating.

There are easily ten different way to use icing along with lots of opportunities for edible glitter!

How people around the world decorate their Christmas trees

The UK’s Evening Standard has a roundup of holiday traditions from around the world that is a fun read to get you into the spirit.

The list features a Dutch tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with almond cookies, which people eat before Christmas Day.

Why not try that on your tree this year–if you can wait that long!

Amaretti biscuits: Temptation in a tin

The Telegraph is also wild about almond cookies with a story from Italy. The amaretti cookie, a soft yet crunchy almond treat, has an amazing history that goes back centuries.

One family produced these cookies for generations, using local almond flour and almond liqueur in every batch.

The recipe is a closely guarded secret and is kept under lock and key in a monastery!

If you really want to impress your friends and family this season, order a tin for yourself!


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